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PM Lee welcomes high quality foreign investments.

Bennett editorial cartoon


There was an article in CNA website late last night and it was a rather factual piece. PM Lee goes for dinner with the folks from Rolls-Royce  and decides to utter some of him characteristic one liners, “S’pore must continue to welcome high-quality investments.”

Let’s break this down. Anybody who is not familiar with the current state of politics in Singapore may interpret it the other way – that there are a bunch of politicians who are advocating low quality or zero foreign investments. As far as I recall, there has been no such statement made by any alternate media or politicians.

My point being, we need quality investments but more needs to be done to weed out the inefficient companies that are here on tax breaks, exploiting (foreign) workers and taking up industrial land here in Singapore. We need to move to a high value economy.

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